intimate, infinite  | 2018/2019 durational glissando for solo cello
Laura Cetilia, First Fridays @ Music Mansion (Providence RI)

opalesce  | 2018 Mivos String Quartet, Wesleyan University (Middletown CT)

falling, for string quartet  | 2018 CMW Fellows Quartet, Aldrich House (Providence RI)

ethers  | 2018 for two violins
The Furies, Urban First Aid (Los Angeles CA)

turning, descent  | 2017 for violin, viola, cello
Ordinary Affects, The Russell House (Middletown CT)

rising, for erik  | 2017 for five violins
Erik Carlson, overdub recording

finding, obscuring  | 2016 for two violins, two cellos
Community MusicWorks Players, Providence Library (Providence RI)