citlallo  | 2019 for cello, glockenspiel, piano, transducers
LCollective, Arete (Brooklyn NY)

world music hall  | 2019 for cello, analog modular synth and field recording
Mem1, Epsilon Spires (Brattleboro VT)

opalesce, for organ  | 2019 for midi-controlled organ
Laura Cetilia, Memorial Chapel, Wesleyan University (Middletown CT)

slowly goes the night  | 2018 for duo (cello/trumpet) and field recording
LCollective, public offering (Providence RI)

15 past, home  | 2018 for cello, bass clarinet, and field recording
ELMS Ensemble, Third Life (Somerville MA)

bass drum on sycamore street  | 2018 for ensemble and field recording
Ordinary Affects, RISD Museum (Providence RI)

where cloud meets crest  | 2015 for violin/viola, cello, and electronics
Ordinary Affects, Washington Street Art Center (Somerville MA)

fails gracefully  | 2012 for cello and electronics
Laura Cetilia, Brown University (Providence RI)