mauve stinger  | 2019 for two cellos, two guitars, and two percussionists
Laura Cetilia + Aliya Ultan, cellos
Stuart Wheeler + Webb Crawford, guitars
J.P.A. Falzone, timpani + vibraphone
Max Gibson, bass drum + autoharp
World Music Hall, Wesleyan University (Middletown, CT)

dust to stone, dust to sea  | 2019 for two cellos, bass clarinet, humming voices
ELMS Ensemble, Lilypad (Cambridge MA)

sunk, in a gentle fog sound  | 2019 for mixed ensemble
Dog Star Orchestra, REC Center (Los Angeles CA)

radiolaria  | 2019 for violin and percussion (crotales, bass drum)
David Rubin and Piero Guimaraes, Washington Street Art Center (Somerville MA)

hover, step  | 2018 for cello, clarinet and accordion
Laura Cetilia, Germaine Sijstermans and Lucie Vitkova
Shared Space @ MISE-EN_PLACE (Brooklyn NY)

six melancholies  | 2017 for violin, cello, vibraphone
Ordinary Affects, Loie Fuller's (Providence RI)

crossing, horizon  | 2017 for violin, cello, organ, electric guitar
Ordinary Affects, Washington Street Art Center (Somerville MA)

rising, for three  | 2017 for violin, cello, organ
Ordinary Affects, Washington Street Art Center (Somerville MA)

celeste and two clarinets  | 2016 for two clarinets and celeste
Standing Waves Ensemble, Standing Waves @ Mobius (Cambridge MA)