Mem1: +1

The dreamily ambient sequences of "+1", a project by Laura and Mark Cetilia, constitute a fruitful and challenging colloborative work. The precision with which the duo compose has never been greater. Laptops and cello combine to produce a painstakingly thorough acoustic and digital confluence of emotions. Each of the nine songs - in fact - is the result of a collaboration with a different composer, among whom are various celebrities of the experimental audio art scene, such as : Jan Jelinek, Frank Bretschneider, Jen Boyd and Steve Roden, to name a few. Even given the exclusivity of each contribution there still remains a certain homogeniety of inspiration, a seemingly deliberate contiuum of ethereal atmospheres, space-like and imaginitive -- never redundant. Among liquid digressions, seething frequencies, drones and machinic reverbs, the contribution of Ido Govrin, Aera C, Kadet Kuhne and Jeremy Drake stand out, as well as RS-232, a Californian artist who delivers a very meaningful interpretation. -Aurelio Cianciotta

Neural (2010)