Mem1: +1

The cover looks like a scene from "The X-Files: A house can be seen only dimly, it is not submerged by a light source to be defined in a warm, almost garish colors. The other motive of this well-designed Digipaks enhance the first impression: It's about something elusive, Transgression. What is real, what an illusion? Or transfer your music: Create What in the living organism, the MEM1 is acoustically and 'real', which synthetic?

INTERVAL RECORDINGS is a small Israeli label and artist collective, which deals exactly with this mixture, with electro-acoustics. The main task is indeed to be the implementation of "Laptopia", an Israeli festival of experimental art, with varying venue, which is now already in the sixth edition. Nevertheless, it seems, since 2005, one CD per year. With MEM1 INTERVAL has worked together from the start, and the latest CD "+1" in the U.S. is now the former couple's audio output of the current year.

Detailed biographies of Laura and MARK CETILIA are on the homepage MEM1 or be read their own respective sides of the partner, but actually it is quite simple: LAURA plays cello, and MARK unfamiliar sounds using software and hardware. This time, the outcome per track still involved another, friendly sound tinkerer, whose name is also the titling. From the USA, for example, alias JOE CANTRELL RS-232 and see the multimedia artist KADET Kuhne, out of Germany JAN JELINEK and the currently ubiquitous Frank Bretschneider, a former member of the VIOLIN AG and co-founder of the Chemnitz label RASTER NOTON.

It is striking that during the 56 minutes it actually moves the ear, almost nothing. There are mainly stretched Drones - yes what? Sometimes emerges a cello, which may be gone, but over long distances again. The sharp, organic and lively sound that is constantly in the room is oddly touching, in the truest sense of the word. It feels as if he tentatively stroking the skin, while in the background crackling and crunching sounds. Within a song - the do not really call it that, is it normal structures such as melody or chorus are almost completely - often changes the mood. By threatening to An-soothing relaxation and vice versa. Similarly, an expectant, slightly nervous mood is - with traces of minimal percussion - about a peaceful, liberated atmosphere. Often these changes will be through more acoustic - warm and friendly - or synthetic - fearful and dark - produced items. Emerge as a surprise just before the end sounds of real animals, an idea of birdsong, also crystallizes a rhythm. The ratios for MEM1 almost ecstatic, though quiet percussion loop could mean many things: the transition to another dimension, the final of this strange trance, bans on CD creation.

For words, there is the concept of 'tag cloud', a cloud of keywords. For notes a similar concept would be introduced, for MEM1 have created aesthetic clouds of various hues. Contemporary chamber music in slow motion, with minimal resources covering a wide range of emotions. Recommendation for those who are able to slow and enter a few, and to hear concentrated. –Michael We. (2009)