Mem1: +1

Featuring, as it does, the likes of Jan Jelinek, Frank Bretschneider, Ido Govrin and Steve Roden, you'd be forgiven for thinking this album selves hugely into the world of minimalism. And to a degree it does. But it's a collaborative work of incredible substance and each track has its own style and feel. Stripped back, processed textures and tones form the main meat of the works and there's an experimental lilt to some of the pieces. But, it's cohesive, deep, crammed full of imaginative soundscapes and, best of all, just a damn fine album all round. Whether you're digging Govrin's almost choral drift of chords, Area C's delicious 12k-esque pastoral lushness, Bretschneider's rhythmic, puslating pseudo-techno or Steve Roden's dramatic and eerie composition, there's a little something here for any fans of contemporary electronic music. Beautiful, dramatic, dark and mood-driven - this is an album that works on many levels. Quite superb.

Smallfish (2009)