Mem1: Alexipharmaca

Mem1 is an intriguing electroacoustic duo who blend cello and electronics in strange low key seemingly improvised compositions. Whilst the cello alternates between scraping out its thin scratchy dissonance, and more traditionally musical gestures such as gentle little plucked flecks, the electronics are much more subtle and lo fi. Unlike the work of say Robin Fox who processes live instrumentation, though very much announces his digital intervention, initially the electronics tend to hide more in the shadow of the cello. Often the electronics appear to consist of a low hum or meld with the cello to construct a some kind of strange field recording from an alternate universe. Then of course the duo go and do the exact opposite, creating a highly electronic, highly processed sound with the cello squealing away in the background. And this is the joy of Mem1, they reinvent their process with each piece, so you never really know what's around the next corner. It's quite non musical, yet it seems to be existing on the fringes, with some of the sound combinations absolutely inspired. –Bob Baker Fish

Cyclic Defrost Magazine (2006)