Mem1: Alexipharmaca

Cello and electronica, a very delicate electroacoustic hybrid by Mem1, a duo composed of M. Cera, a media artist and sound manipulator, and Laura Thomas-Merino, a cello player from Los Angeles. This is their second extended release (their first one, 'Improvisations + Edits', released in 2004, isn't sold anymore), with tenuous dissonances and measured clicks and glitches, peeking out of the grooves and dilated with alien gentleness in rarefied sequences, hinting at abstract landscapes from another galaxy. Embracing monotony full of narcotic appeal, that unravels through elaborations such as 'Sonniferum', 'Atropa' and 'Ipomea', names reminiscent of the plant realm and of alchemy, where the combination of minimal elements can have lethal or healing effects. –Aurelio Cianciotti

Neural (2006)