Mem1: Alexipharmaca

The second release from Israel's Interval Recordings is a sublime piece of work that will haunt you and stay with you long after it's finished playing. The Duo of M. Cera and Laura Thomas-Merino have combined their talents (Cera on electronics and Thomas-Merino on cello) to produce a simply beautiful set of tracks that really take you on a journey. Dark, cinematic strings and wonderfully realised processing give it such a filmic quality it's hard to believe you're not listening to a soundtrack. Bordering on modern classical at times, it melds experimental composition with freeform manipulation and processing to such a fine degree that they seem to form a natural partnership. Fans of the work of Svarte Greiner and other such soundtrack-inspired music should do themselves a favour and check this stunning CD out immediately. Highly recommended indeed.

Smallfish (2006)