Mem1: Stationary Drift 

Resting Bell (2009)

“Stationary Drift” by Mem1 (Mark and Laura Cetilia) is a calm and beautiful 4-track EP combining electronic sounds and cello to an organic musical symbiosis.

This EP starts with “Hanging Valley”, a easeful and meditative piece, with soft droning cello sounds and electronic glitches like footsteps in the snow. “Accretion” begins with a deep growling tone under a layer of light sound-textures, ending in a loud merging movement. You can hear dripping notes and oscillating high tones like glaring sunlight in “Penitentes”, named after a special snow formation found at high altitudes. And in “Stationary Drift” you can hear a sonic fog, everything covered with a nebulous blanket.

A perfect soundtrack for a walk in the snowy forest, listening to crunching snow under your feet and feeling the cold and clear air around your nose. Or to cool down a bit if you live in the southern hemisphere with some warm summer weather these days.

All tracks by Mark and Laura Cetilia

Track 1 recorded at Kunstenaarslogies, Amersfoort (NL)
Tracks 2 + 4 recorded at Arbor St. Studios, Emory, Virginia (US)
Track 3 recorded at STEIM, Amsterdam (NL)

Artwork: Christian Roth
Image: Streetlights

Track Listing

Hanging Valley [8:05]
Accretion [4:55]
Penitentes [8:19]
Stationary Drift [5:56]


Touching Extremes


Digital Edition available for free download via Resting Bell.