Ctrl+Alt+Repeat (Fall 2015) 10.22.2015

CTRL+ALT+REPEAT is an experimental music series that was founded in 2004 by Mark + Laura Cetilia out of an interest in exploring the intersections of electronic music, improvisation, contemporary classical music, and sound art. The Fall 2015 edition of the series will feature the Konus Quartett, who will be presenting a piece by Swiss composer Jürg Frey, as well as Tomas Korber’s Musik für ein Feld for saxophone quartet and electronics (performed by Konus + Korber). More >>

Duo with Tomas Korber 10.21.2015

I will be performing in a duo with Tomas Korber as part of a concert presented by Non-Event at the Goethe-Institut in Boston on October 21. The evening also includes performances of Jürg Frey’s Mémoire, Horizon by Konus Quartett and Korber’s Musik für ein Feld by Konus + Korber. More >>

A Simple Procedure 10.01.2015

A Simple Procedure is now for sale in the Estuary Ltd. Shop as single-edition 7" lathe cut records and 2 x CD sets (in an edition of 200), available while supplies last. A Simple Procedure features contributions from Area C • Gilles Aubry • Blevin Blectum & Ed Osborn • Jen Boyd & Joe Cantrell • Jeff Carey • Dalglish • Robert Donne & Stephen Vitiello • Morgan Evans-Weiler • Attila Faravelli • Christopher Forgues • Ido Govrin • Kraig Grady • Shawn Greenlee • Sarah Hennies • Agnes Hvizdalek & Harald Fetveit • Intimacy & Intrigue • Davey Harms • Jeremy Harris • Ernst Karel • Val Martino • Mem1 • Daniel Menche • Geoff Mullen • Yann Novak & Robert Crouch • Christine Ödlund • Donna Parker • Andrea Pensado • Power Monster • Vic Rawlings • Steve Roden • Rrose • Ren Schofield • Soft Target • Reuben Son • Timeghost • Titans Of Jazz • Ken Ueno • Matt Underwood • Maia Urstad • Keith Fullerton Whitman • Amnon Wolman • Work/Death + John Cage’s Imaginary Landscape No. 5 realized by Mark Cetilia using contributed works from artists above. More >>