Installation at UMass Amherst 03.25.2024

"Y3K: On Distant Keys imagines a (not-so) distant future in which landforms are recognized as sentient being with legal rights and the ability to self-govern. Based on the transdisciplinary research project On Distant Keys, this exhibition portends the yet-to-be island of Ondacka, leading the planet as it enters the next millennium and new global consciousness. With a curated selection of art, artifacts, maps, music, videos, and text - the exhibition highlights artistic interpretations of nine distinct landforms." I created a soundscape for the landform Tempril Gates. More >>

new lathe record 03.21.2024

So proud of Mem1's new release. I'm playing Baroque organ and Mark is on Moog! Available on Bandcamp now More >>

mem1 is back 03.20.2024

So looking forward to playing with Mark again. More >>

new sinfonietta 03.16.2024

The Festival Chamber Orchestra will premiere "celestial object (of desire)" at Cornell University.

layers turn liquid 03.07.2024

The premiere of my new piece for two pianos and two cellos is happening at Midday Concerts at Cornell University. It will also be the debut of my new visual metronome "blink track" (developed with Mark Cetilia) which hypnotizes participating musicians, haha!