Ordinary Affects 12.4.2016

I will perform two versions of "The Harmonics of Real Strings" by John Lely. Really looking forward to relaxing to the Beuger works afterwards! More >>

Equilibrium Ensemble 12.2.2016

Caroline Park has included a performance my work "Where Cloud Meets Crest" on her program with the Equilibrium Ensemble. More >>

Songs of Darkness and Light 12.11.2016

My students from the Sound Lab at Community MusicWorks will be presenting their work in conjunction with CMW's Holiday Concert at the RISD Museum, as part of the pre-performance activities beginning at 2:15pm. More >>

Equilibrium Ensemble plays Cetilia 12.02.2016

Caroline Park curated me into a beautiful line-up at Lilypad. It was live streamable. You can hear my Where Cloud Meets Crest at 15:08 in the following link. More >>